Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



1. Q: Why SR can be trusted?

  A: We hire experienced and skillful welding and weaving staff only to achieve the best craftsmanship while many factories  

      hire interns or entry-level beginners. Besides, professional, fast, proactive, integrate and considerate service is available.

  2. Q: What advantages does
SR have? 
  A: We have contracted designers to develop new products every month. Choosing our products can easily distinguish you from your competitors.

  3. Q: What are the features of rattan furniture from
SR ?
  A: The furniture can be used in many places like garden, patio, restaurant, hotel, villa, beach, resort, cafe, restaurant, obby    

  and living room. It is also durable, washable, light-weight and easy to move.

  4. Q: What quality certifications SR can provide?
  A: We can provide ISO、SGS and MTS testing reports of aluminium, rattan and poly-wood regarding material quality and  

       weathering performance and FSC for teak products.

  5. Q: How long is the warranty of your product?
  A: Normally 2 years. We can also upgrade to 3-5 years in commercial quality according to your request.

  6. Q: What can be done if products are damaged when I receive them ?

  A: Don't worry. If the damage is proved to happen before loading, we'll hold the responsibility and replace them for you.
  If it's proved to happen during the sea transportation and our term is CIF, we will claim this to our insurance company and  

  pay you the compensation.
   If the term is FOB, you will need to claim this to your insurance company or shipping company on your own.

  7. Q: How long will my order be delivered?
  A: It depends on the quantity and the models. Normally our lead time is 20-40 days.

  8. Q: Can I order one set for sample?
  A: Yes, sample order is acceptable for us. But usually a sample will cost much more for our factory. Hope you understand. In 

      order to provider more specific information, may I know whether this sample is for showroom retailing or for sample room 

 display? And may I know more about your company? Is outdoor product new in your company? Please don't hesitate to

 contact us if you have any question. Look forward to receiving more details from you.


Cushions and Pillows: Remove the cushion and pillow covers. Mix about 1 tablespoon of neutral laundry detergent in 2 cups of lukewarm water and stir until it foams. 

Clean the covers with a soft bristle brush damped in the solution, and hang them to dry. 


Furniture: Remove dirt from the furniture crevices using a soft bristle brush or a hand held vacuum. 

Mix 1/4 cup of mild laundry detergent and a gallon of warm water and stir until it foams. Brush the furniture with a sponge damped in the solution. 

Rinse the outdoor furniture thoroughly with a garden hose and set it to dry in the sun. 


Mildew: If you need to remove mold or mildew, try a solution of bleach and water. Mix at a ratio of 50/50 and wipe down with a sponge or use a toothbrush. 

Rinse the outdoor furniture thoroughly with a garden hose and set it to dry in the sun. 




































♣ Cover your outdoor rattan wicker furniture (whether it is a garden set, sofa set, dining set or sun lounger) with a tarp if not in use. 

♣ Put your patio or garden outdoor rattan wicker furniture indoors when temperature falls below zero. 

♣ Always take the cushions and pillows of your rattan wicker outdoor furniture indoors. 

♣ Clean your outdoor rattan wicker furniture regularly, about two or three times a year.

♣ Make sure the outdoor furniture is thoroughly rinsed in each cleaning. 

Because we chosen the best raw material supplier to many of the world's top hotels you can be confident that our products are designed to look beautiful today, and stay looking exceptional for many years to come. Most of our ranges are designed to be modular and interchangeable, so that they can be tailored to suit your individual needs, whatever your outdoor living space.feature of our products below:


•    UV resistant

•    Weather and temperature resistant

•    Strong and durable

•    Lightweight and easy to clean and maintain

•    Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

•    Light and scratch-resistant